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Amphibians are a group of special interest that can provide highly relevant information on the health and conservation status of the habitats and ecosystems where they are found, due to their condition as excellent bioindicators.


Currently, worldwide, this group is suffering an important regression as a consequence of pollution, the alteration of its habitats, the introduction of invasive species, the appearance of diseases affecting them, linked in some way to the effects produced by the accelerated climate change.


Sensitivity to the variations caused by pollution and the modifications associated with climate change justifies its role as an awareness tool to convey to civil society in general the problems of these phenomena, in order to find solutions to promote the conservation of amphibian populations and those of other threatened living beings that also present a marked sensitivity to the abrupt environmental changes caused by human activities.


Chelonia Association has carried out projects in this regard, through research activities and monitoring of amphibian populations, the elimination of invasive species that alter their natural habitat, and awareness raising and training actions to the civil society, bringing out the fragility of amphibian populations before imbalances and their usefulness as indicators of good ecosystem health.

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