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The importance of hydrographic basins lies in their function of providing environmental goods and services, containing the sources that provide fresh water to all living beings and hosting essential ecosystems and species for the conservation of biodiversity. It is about geographic units with a high biological diversity of both plants and animals, with important places for the reproduction of fish, amphibians, birds, mammals, insects and other animals. Moreover, depending on its good management, it offers protection against some natural threats, such as floods and erosive processes, among others. They constitute a fundamental resource for maintaining water quality and as a possible source of energy in the case of reservoirs or dams.

These ecosystems are very sensitive to pollution and erosion, generally linked to deforestation or the conversion of areas for cattle grazing, and since they are areas of great importance in terms of natural resources, their correct management and protection are essential for the conservation and maintenance of its essential value in the development of human communities, ensuring the healthy continuity of the ecosystem services obtained from them.

Chelonia Association has participated in projects related to the ordering and management of hydrographic basins, as well as in the management of wetland ecosystems, promoting the conservation of environmental services they provide and considering the balances between socioeconomic, cultural and environmental relationships and the participation of the different actors involved in its management and maintenance. The combination of protection actions and sustainable socioeconomic activities is essential for the development of nearby communities and the better management of the resources they contain.

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