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Training of staff to carry out research work is essential for the planning and sustainable management of natural resources and environmental services. Carrying out and participating in research and management activities and projects allows the consolidation of the knowledge acquired during the academic training phase, a fundamental step to strengthen professional experience. In addition to people with academic training, local people without this training have great knowledge about their environment, which, through guidance and training, can play an essential role in the necessary knowledge to plan the sustainable management of a region and associated ecosystems. Thus, the training of local research personnel, whether formal or informal, linked to the populations and regions where the management of resources or services will be developed, allows a greater appropriation and awareness of local communities, favouring the continuity and strengthening of the work research, planning and management that our organisation promotes.

Chelonia Association has carried out different training activities for research personnel through courses, workshops and conferences aimed at both students and young professionals as well as residents of the regions where the research actions and planning and development projects are carried out. Likewise, personnel have been trained through the participation and incorporation of students, young professionals and local inhabitants in the execution of research activities within different conservation and sustainable development projects. All this accompanied by academics, researchers, professors and representatives of public and private university institutions, who provide scientific validity to the activities carried out by the association in Europe and America.

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