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Corporate Volunteering - Spain

Corporate Volunteering can be understood as the collaborative and shared effort of employees and members of an organization or company to help improving a natural environment, the development of a local community, to provide assistance to groups or individuals, to raise awareness of a specific problem. It is a process of cooperation and integration that promotes teamwork, personal motivation, the exchange of experiences, awareness and knowledge in new fields or environments, and strengthens the commitments of the company or entity with society and the environment.

If your company or organization is interested in organizing corporate volunteering activities, write to us at and we can jointly analyze options and proposals for activities and locations according to your preferences.
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Awareness and Informative Lectures

Organization of training ans informative lectures about topics related to environment and species and ecosystem conservation (marine litter and residues, marine turtle, biology of amphibians and reptiles, climate change...). Any other topic of interest? Let us know.

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Clean-ups on beaches, rivers and reservoirs, paths

Activities for the detection and removal of solid waste that reached aquatic environments such as beaches, lagoons, rivers and reservoirs, and terrestrial environments such as trails y forest areas. The different fractions are analyzed and data is gathered.


Restoration and recovery of impacted habitats

Awareness and control actions on species declared as exotic invasive, reforestation, revegetation and recovery of damaged habitats, recovery and maintenance of trails and traditional routes to enjoy the natural environment, among others.

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Collaborating for a better world
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